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How can I unluck smile 4g lte to accept Mtn Etisalate glo or aitel sim, imeimodel R Have you been able to unlock your? I'm still having problems with mine. Anybody got any idea of unlocking a Franklin R pls am waiting patiently.

Can anybody help me unlock smile mifi model ALM-N Is it possible to unlock my Jio mifi Lyf device. Pls can sum1 unlock ZTE ac30 starcomms izap hotspot device. Pls WhatsApp me IMEI: Thank you for answering me if you can help me.

Are you guys still available? Please unlock my vodafone mifi of model MO28T. Hello, Please can anyone help on unlocking smile 4g, Franklin technology, R?Do you want to learn how to unlock Spectranet MiFi modem so that you can use any sim card in it? Follow the steps explained below carefully to unlock your modem successfully. Just like most modems in Nigeria, Spectranet MiFi Modem is a Huawei e MiFi device which is used by most networks in Nigeria to offer the lightning-fast 4G network to their customers.

Some of the commonly used Huawei modem devices used in Nigeria are the MTN e and the Spectranet e variant. It is possible to use some other network sim card on these devices after unlocking them except of Glo sim in the MTN e variant. Unlocking your Spectranet MiFi modem will open you to the opportunity of using other unsupported sim cards in it. You will need to download a modem unlocking software and some other drivers to do this. Learn the steps below.

Before you begin, make sure your Spectranet Modem drivers are installed on your computer, and it is up to date. The drivers are required for your computer to have complete access to your modem. The best way to have these drivers installed is to install the Huawei mobile partner and the Hilink drivers. Take note! If you are reading other tutorials, you might come across a file mentioned as the Huawei mobile partner.

This file is often a firmware version When this file is downloaded and installed, the computer loses access to the modem and shows port failed when you are trying to flash it with the Huawei Es firmware version that we will soon mention below. We hope our guide was clear enough and hopefully, we have been able to put you through the process of successfully unlocking your Spectranet MiFi modem and now you can begin to use the device with any sim card of your choice.

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jailbreak mifi

Show Comments. Top styles with Ankara high waist trousers.The administrator of your personal data will be Threatpost, Inc. Detailed information on the processing of personal data can be found in the privacy policy. In addition, you will find them in the message confirming the subscription to the newsletter. The MiFi is a battery-powered Like any good hacker, I turn to the tools that I know to be tried and true.

Verizon Mifi flashing

Kismet is a powerful assessment and evaluation tool for wireless networks, providing additional insight into the MiFi wireless LAN interface. The password on the back of the MiFi device also reveals some interesting information.

From the photo above, the password on my MiFi device is:. Based on this assessment, we can determine that the password selection for the MiFi default is weak. Instead of 11 numeric values with an effective entropy of approximately 36 bits, the MiFi password only has an effective entropy of less than 17 bits for a given 6-byte prefix.

If the concept of a manufacture date-stamp is true for the 6-byte prefix, then we have a relatively small search space to find the default MiFi PSK. Knowing that for a given 6-byte password prefix there are onlypossible passwords, we can get down to exploiting a given MiFi device.

Talking amongst my wonderful colleagues at InGuardiansI was able to identify 4 unique manufacture prefixes. Assuming the target device is one of these values, we can quickly build a dictionary to attack the PSK selection with a small Python script and a tool such as coWPAtty or Aircrack-ng:!

Running this script and redirecting it to a file e. Once the wordlist is ready, we need to capture the WPA handshake for a given client. This is straightforward with Kismet, or a tool like Airodump-ng. Next, Aireplay-ng is used to deauthenticate a user.

I send 5 deauth messages, just to make sure the target receives at least one:. With the Airodump-ng packet capture file mifi-dad Starting dictionary attack. Please be patient. A limiting factor in this precomputation attack is that all the password guesses need to be computed for each unique SSID. Once this is precomputed, it becomes possible to recover the password for any default MiFi configuration in a matter of seconds.

If we assume there are 12 manufacture date prefixes, we are left with a password list of 1. With the database capabilities added to Pyrit, we can get this attack setup fairly easily. After installing Pyrit getting the source from SVN and installing sqlalchemy described herewe need to configure Pyrit to use a database for storage. You can download this source as pyrit-mifi-ssids. Returning to the mifi-passgen. The great part is that this only needs to be done once.

It could take days or weeks depending on your available hardware, but once it is complete, it can be used by anyone to recover the default password on any MiFi device. Attacking handshake with Station c:b3:bc Tried PMKs so far Using this technique, an attacker can recover the default password from any MiFi device.

Purchase Online Your Genuine Code (c) Huawei 2020

The impact of this attack can vary, but three immediate concerns come to mind:. The Verizon MiFi is a great tool, but the engineering team who created the default password mechanism should have taken into consideration the limited entropy in the selection of passwords, and the well-publicized attacks against WPA-PSK networks to limit customer exposure. If you are interested in wireless security topics, I recommend you check out the course sample or sign right up for the biggest SANS conference of the year in Orlando, FL, March 8th — 13th.Don't Miss : A new study of wireless carriers has bad news for Verizon.

jailbreak mifi

The hotspot comes for free and is yours to keep whenever you cancel, which is nearly insane. Cell carrier billing is notoriously full of extras and overages and special magic charges, which hopefully you can avoid in this instance.

The data is very nearly unlimited in the literal sense of the word. Deals like this tend to get yanked if demand rapidly spirals out of control. Image Source: Shutterstock. Tags: T-MobileVerizon. Chris Mills has loved tinkering with technology ever since he worked out how to defeat the parental controls on his parents' internet. He's blogged his way through Apple events and SpaceX launches ever since, and still keeps a bizarre fondness for the Palm Pre.

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How to unlock Spectranet MiFi

Early results from coronavirus drug are promising, but more rigorous testing needed By Yoni Heisler 1 day ago. Horrifying video shows how coronavirus spreads at the grocery store By Chris Smith 3 days ago.We've personally experienced the joys of portable wireless routers like Novatel's MiFilittle things that do the 3G talkin' for you, but from what we're seeing here current users may be about to experience something altogether different: fear.

A hack that is both very nasty and easy to execute has been shown which would, most troublingly, allow a malicious page to modify the MiFi settings on behalf of the user, possibly disabling security or even locking out the owner of the router, as shown in a quick demonstration video after the break. A factory reset fixes it all, of course, but doesn't do anything to alleviate the apparently shoddy security mechanisms at play here. Time for another firmware update, perhaps?

The statement also clarifies that a user's data will not be exposed via this hack, and that the company is working on a patch. The full statement after the break if you're inclined to read it. MiFi has CGI parameters that are intentionally programmable so that developers can read or change MiFi settings and build browser based widgets.

Most of these are openly published by Novatel. There are other CGI settings not published for MiFi that are accessible only when a user surfs to a malicious web site and stays connected to that site. The nature of the threat is better characterized by the ability of the hacker to change MiFi settings, only when connected to the malicious site, and does not provide access to the user's personal data. The exception to this is location data such as GPS. In this instance, the user location data is visible only when the user is connected to the malicious site and GPS is activated.

No malware remains on MiFi when the user disconnects from the malicious site. Any data received or sent through MiFi is secure. Novatel will provide a patch going forward. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Novatel's MiFi devices shown to be incredibly useful, easily hacked video. Latest in Hack. Image credit:.Huawei E is a new 4G mobile hotspot with LTE Category 4 technology, so it can support the download speed to mbps and upload speed to 50mbps. On the front, there are two single LED indicators for battery and signal strength.

The backcover of Huawei E is removable, and it seems Huawei E have the external antenna connectors. There are two sub-models for Huawei E now. Step 2 : Switch off ,Now Just insert a non acceptable Network sim i. Click OK then the device will reboot to display the new network.

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Unknown March 26, at AM. Unknown March 29, at PM. Zedicus April 13, at PM. Unknown June 9, at AM. Unknown April 21, at AM. Unknown August 16, at PM.

Unknown August 29, at PM.Hi, I know how to flash the Verizon mifi device. But what price plan do I put the donor on? How does pricing plan work? Isn't the mobile data charge. Wouldn't that last only a month? Hope this clears things up for you.

Also could I ask, how is it that you flash the mifi? Sorry to grave dig a bit, but it seems that over the summer they were taking down most prepaid mifi like every week. But not I think there is a new work around for them because more people are selling and flashing and offering warranties again.

Anyone have any idea whats new with them? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service.

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jailbreak mifi

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